Wellness at 50 with Golf

Any form of physical exercise brings chills down my spine, especially after undergoing two operations on my left knee following injuries at work. And how I battled with a disc prolapse some 8yrs ago. Even though I know from deep down my heart how important it is. Every time I think about it I have come up with a valid excuse.


I have tried walking which is very good and also beneficial but stopped again just after doing so for just two weeks. I guess my reason was it had become too monotonous and boring. But is it a good reason enough I wonder. Maybe because I was doing it alone. I need company or companionship.  And need something that comes with a challenge. Walking seemed too easy and I quit. LoL!!!!!!

However,  I kept searching for something that is wholesome, with challenges, that I could do with friends and potential associates and it seems I found my answer and will keep at it for the following reasons;

1. Heart Health – of which any form of physical exercise will help get my blood pumping to my heart. Even if it means just walking on the Golf course.

2. Brain stimulation- making sure my brain has adequate good blood supply essential for its function especially at my age and the amount, type of work I do.

3. Stress reduction- the pleasure of walking in fresh air, socialising,  facing the challenges on the course helps release the necessary endorphins that will make me feel relaxed.Interacting with others, sharing interests and forgetting any challenges.  Mood elevation.

4. Improved sleep- after hitting the ball, walking, carrying my bag, swinging in fresh air are a powerful combination for improved sleep. It’s a good workout helping me sleep faster and remain in deep sleep. Resting and relaxing in the process.

5. Long life- I am already 50 and not getting younger. Looking forward to seeing my grandchildren if God blesses me and my children. Planning retirement and taking it slow and ageing gracefully.

6. Building friendships- through fostering relationships- believe me, I am an introvert, and I have realised I needed to do something that will make me become outgoing,  keep in touch with friends and meet new people connecting with communities.

7. Opportunities for business discussions -as I plan my retirement-get refreshing ideas on the course since I am not going to be playing for competitiveness.

8. Improve hand-eye coordination needed for hitting the ball, with power and generating speed and precision.

9. Healing and restoration of my physically challenged injuries through the leisurely sport where the overall risk of injury is low.

10. Improve on my strategy execution through improving my accuracy on the fairway whilst keeping my eye on the ball and the hole which is always the ultimate goal.

11. Discipline through patience which can be a challenge as one reaches a certain age.

Although the tools of the trade are in the pricey range, the idiom no pain no gain became a motivational factor and driving force for the sacrifice. Looking forward to great gains, rewards and restoration as  I travel through this journey. Join me and my newly discovered interest.


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