Walking on ice is dicey, as I finally learnt when I visited my son for the New Year in Canada- Vancouver. This was and still is at the peak of their winter where I experienced for the first time in my life sub-zero temperatures and snow rain.


The reality of it is that one minute you are upright and the next you are sliding home on your tush- if you are lucky (if unlucky you will land on something uncushioned). Slipping is no joke and is second only to motor vehicle accidents

This was also a reality for me as the so-called January disease-having enjoyed Christmas in Chobe and Victoria Falls and now needing to also pay school fees. So getting the appropriate attire was a luxury.

How did I manage?

  • Being an Ice Warrior- putting on the full armour of bravery through viewing negative thoughts and attitude as the enemy. Standing hands-free and ready to only put them together for prayer and thanksgiving plus balance
  • Arming myself with protection- wearing the affordable sticky shoes and propping myself up with my feet fitted with readiness
  • Wearing boots that provide traction on snow and standing firm
  • Walking on designated walkways and not taking shortcuts
  • Looking ahead
  • Taking short steps or shuffle for stability, preparing to fall and bending my back with head forward to avoid hitting my head against the ground

For a newcomer in the environment, I think I managed well and here I am telling my story. Experience is the best teacher. I did fall twice and thank god didn’t break any bones or sustain any serious injuries for it was going to defeat the whole purpose of this blog.

The reunion with my only son after nine months of separation- the first of its kind in our relationship as mother and son was worth the falls. It brought some rejuvenation such to the extent of numbing the pain of the fall.


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