Nothing last forever and even good things too. Following our #gemgardenroute experiences from Port Elizabeth,  through the majestic Tsitsikamma section of the Garden Route National Park at the Stormsriver Mouth, the Monkeyland,  Birds of Eden, the #oceanodysseyencounter, the tranquillity of the Wilderness and Victoria Bay, it was indeed time to make a U-turn and go back home in Eastern Cape.


ocean odyssey whale watching knysna

Our plans were actually to go all the way to Cape Town,  even further venturing to Robin Island but we decided to leave it for another day, another time of the same if not more restorative retreat.

The fun had become almost addictive, and my daughter whom I can safely say is well versed in organising great entertainment,  and from what we had experienced,  she qualifies for the title #pleasuremanager.

Little did we know she had managed to organize one for the road. The quad biking in the Tsitsikamma Adventure Land. None of us on the team had an idea what it was about, but we trusted our organizer.

Before we knew it we had packed at the offices of the Adventure land, guess what we were not even dressed or prepared for what we were going to embark on quad bikes, but nonetheless, it was money well spent…

We took to our positions on the quad bikes off course after signing what for the past five days had been used too, indemnity forms. I really have never understood why they almost craft the indemnity forms as if they don’t want you to embark on the activities,  yet sometimes they even offer specials. This is usually followed by strict instructions on what to and what not to do. All this time I would be like we already have paid money, to enjoy ourselves and not to have seeds of anxiety planted and spoil the fun.

After the obvious preliminaries, of course, we hit the road one more time on an activity that required both driving skills, concentration yet at the same time with a tourist eye along the dusty bushy road marvelling the thick pine tree thick vegetation.


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