Map of Af

Map of africa

Various definitions to the above can be debated and my experience was exactly  the dictionary one.” A state of peace and quiet” like the tranquillity you feel at the shore of a quiet lake……

Of course myself and family after having been on the road from Port Elizabeth via Tsitsikamma,  Plettenberg,  Knysna and now in Victoria Bay on our garden route odyssey,  we were at the shore of the sea. And on this day even along the whole drive,  it was quiet and peaceful…….

Map of Af

As one of the best beaches in SA between George and Wilderness,  the difference really is just a matter of taste and preference. Wilderness being more spectacular for the walks and just driving through and marvelling at the views, the epitome was the view of the map of Africa.

The “Map of Africa” was for me an extraordinary viewpoint at Wilderness Heights. It is a spectacular scene of mountains and forests. Also known for its vast number of rivers, lagoons where one gets a clear view of the Kaaimans River Valley, amazing how the course of the river has the shape of the African continent.  A beautiful sight bringing tranquillity as one also sees the deep blue of the Indian Ocean.

An awesome sight indeed, priceless experience and words not enough to describe it.

Even the two young boys commended the serenity and tranquillity and were now even prepared to spend more time there.  The friendliness we experienced from our hosts and how the boys connected at the bar was palpable.


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