ocean odyssey whale watching knysna

Ocean Odyssey Whale Watching Knysna

The family was going through an odyssey of adventures. The adventures that started with the thrilling “Lilo & Kayak” adventure along the Storms River Mouth,  with the icon of the Storms River Gorge Suspension Bridge situated along the Mouth Trail that starts on the small beach in Tsitsikamma was now at the peak. Nothing was really going to stop the adventurous reunion,  not even the experimental partaking of seafood by the head of delegation-me of course that almost went horribly wrong and could’ve spoiled the rediscovering of what lay underneath the sea waters.
It only became one of those talking points, and not even considered a challenge. We had mastered the art of making the most of every experience.

ocean odyssey whale watching knysna

Named appropriately as “Ocean ODYSSEY” the Whale Watching encounter was epic. We were very lucky to see the Humpback whale, mostly and commonly seen during this same period of September/October.

We departed on the boat from the popular Thesen Island with the very knowledgeable guides who made the ride so much more than just a memorable sail. The seas were rough, but we wouldn’t allow that to spoil the experience.  Fully equipped and having taken the motion sickness tablets we even managed to relax and enjoy the serenity of the ocean.

We managed to see not just one, not two but three of them, having been spotted by a team member of the ocean odyssey whale watching Knysna on top of the mountain who radioed our guide to allow us the spectacular experience. We actually did manage to go pretty much close to them and as we followed their trademark trail, took some pictures.


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