WOW, I don’t know where to start, but let me just dip into it, a really memorable, priceless experience.  I have always wanted to drive along the coast and during my Easter visit in April 2017, I told my daughter about it. I was expecting my son to be home after one year away from home and was just thinking how best to plan a reunion, especially it being the same time he would turn 21.

garden route

I believed that was a unique and fabulous opportunity to get together as a family and celebrate his maturity. I had a lot of anxious moments, for a lot of reasons, since I was making a lot of assumptions too. Availability of funds, my son has passed his end of semester exams, affordability,  memorable company, him accepting it and enjoying it. Oh my God, up to the time that I finished the first leg and writing this blog post and settling at The Robberg Beach Lodge in Plettenberg Bay all the above were just mere assumptions including the successful undertaking of the trip.

The preparation for the journey and activities along the garden route was done by the first couple who were even more excited than me. I shall not go into the details since I truly don’t have them. All I know is it was a lot of work and excitement drove the success.  It was prepared for royalty. Aren’t we a royal family in our own right.

The garden route trip started from PE to our first stop, that is Tsitsikamma. It was flawless, full of anticipation and we enjoyed our local Zim dancehall music. What with the boys who have fallen in love with the genres. Only stopping twice at Bay West Mall to do the final shopping of the correct clothes, and then and at Crossways farm for our brunch!!!


Arriving in Tsitsikamma just after midday, and doing the formalities including the drive in the game park to the area for what was going to be an experience of a lifetime.  THE TSITSIKAMMA LILO & KAYAK ADVENTURE UP THE GLORIOUS STORMS RIVER GORGE. We were booked at Untouched Adventures for the 1400hrs slot and had enough time to capture a lot of memorable pictures,  refueling our stomachs and enjoying the scenery on the coast.

Little did we even anticipate what a priceless memorable breathtaking and heartbeat missing of what was going to be. The encounter included hiking up the steep gorge, having a glimpse of the long suspension bridge,  marveling at the wonders of nature from a new perspective on kayaks and the lilo thrilling experience with near misses of drowning or potential disappearance into the water of the might Storms river to the deep seas. Challenging our fears of heights by taking a leap from the cliffs into the deep pools or just enjoying the relaxing beauty of the pristine nature.

Tsitsikamma National Park Garden Route

The booking was done online and didn’t mention the finer details of stip hiking, near drowning misses or potentially being swept away into the depth of the very angry sea on that day. None of that happening because of the presence of our most experienced and very knowledgeable guide Vuyo who kept an eye on the group professionally.  We were in safe hands and felt at home in his office.

It was the trip of a lifetime,  worthy the exhaustion, body aches and pains, energy surprising and above all a permanent positive print in the minds of myself and my children. Ready to see another day and enjoy. Join us on the well-named garden route encounter.


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