The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The phrase or idiom is so true that it’s unbelievable.  After all the stress of planning,  packing, preparing anxiously for my first trip to UAE. I finally went and came back. All this time I have flashbacks of the wonderful experience,  even as shortlived at it was, believe you me it was memorable.
The reception, the places for potential future tours, shopping escapades, the extraordinary cleanliness of everything stole my heart. I marvelled at the freshness of the air I breathed, one would not believe its in the middle of the desert, or is it really???
My packing was on point, especially the camera, the summer clothes,  comfortable shoes for I found myself doing a lot of walking in the magnificent shopping malls, from one to the other. Using the efficient metro transport system where every 5minutes a train was available to hordes and hordes of passengers and delegates from all over the world. We were one big family.
The respect to women and children offered on the public transport system,   our own compartments only demarcated by a pink line, yes just a mere line. I felt so respected and free.
The reception at the exhibition professional, thank goodness I packed my best clothes. The evening functions where we were invited by our partners told the whole story.
The chance to meet with CEOs from across various continents, cultures and sharing was what the phrase “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” definitely means. Proof beyond a reasonable doubt. For real it was in the eating and not from appearance or theory. As reality sank in it was time to come back home but nonetheless, now I have first-hand experience of the impact of visiting the UAE. I am definitely going to be returning for a non-business trip and explore everything that I was introduced to.
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