Making the journey worth while: Dubai

A trip to Dubai

Some of you are wondering what it is that am to talk about. Trust me, it’s a lot.  I have travelled far and wide before, and believe me the last journey came exactly when I needed it the most. Since then, I haven’t been able to wait for the next trip. In fact, I have been waiting like chickens that have just spend half a day in a fowl run with no food or water and then suddenly a small boy stands by the door to open it.

One wonders what they’ll be thinking about, if there is anything fascinating about their behaviour it is the anticipation,  impatience,  and joy all over their faces that they even forget how vulnerable they are outside fowl run. That’s the same thing that’s happening with me. It is that anticipation of relief, being free at last to unwind, and far from the confined space in the cage of my daily routine at work.

How I get ready for any Trip

1. Confirmation of my itinerary repeatedly, for the experience of a No Show” is a disaster, especially when you are so anxious to get away- as the small chickens

2. Packing my passport in the handbag am going to use, for I don’t ever want to be shocked if travelling across the boarders of my country to find out that I forgot my passport or packed the expired one, hahah

3. After the obvious, now what I call accessories. I hate small talk mid-air for I really enjoy being melancholic, so I prefer listening to soothing music, therefore I always pack my earphones and mp3 loaded with my best playlist. And on arrival making sure my phone and all my gadgets are fully charged. So, my portable power bank is a must. And you must admit you read better when you’re travelling, so I pack an inspirational book.


4. The most difficult part is researching on the weather patterns of my destination. Just as an aside, I feel I should share a story with you to give a little perspective on why researching weather patterns is important for me.

I travelled to Egypt and it was my first time, all I had known (from high school geography) till arriving in Cairo was how hot the deserts of Egypt can be. I didn’t even bother to check on the weather. Guess how wrong I was, it was their winter and you guessed right – the rest is history!

5. Once am sure about the weather, I choose the clothes I am going to pack. Do you know how much effort I put in parking clothes for a vacation, even for this one which is work related? I tell you even preparation for 100m sprint or 50m breaststroke is no match.

I have already gone through my wardrobe five times now since Monday, and this is in preparation for my trip to Dubai for the Arab Health Expo. I am trying to balance work, professional dinners, shopping escapes, the weather and sightseeing.  OMG and to think I am only there for six days. Is it even worth it, I don’t think so, but am still at it?

Am already losing sleep because of the preparations alone, lol, but every journey restores my body, mind and soul.



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