Happy Endings for Monkeyland Primate

Because of the goodwill and identification of the need to curb animal petting our second day which I have codenamed the blog post, Happy Endings @maulanagardenroutereunion. The #maulanagardenroutereunion was truly a happy ending with the visit to both Monkeyland and Birds of Eden sanctuary courtesy #plettitsafeeling.

We started well at Tsitsikamma in the Eastern Cape and now had crossed over to the Western Cape. Our destination at the Monkeyland which I have dubbed an icing on the cake as it is regarded as the top animal attractions in The Western Cape was up to the billing.

The Monkeyland estimated to have approximately 550+ monkeys, lemurs and apes in the forest, among others we did enjoy a peaceful stroll through the forest marvelling and encountering local primates and species from as far as South America.

Meet The Monkeyland Primates

The types among which included

Ring-tailed lemurs-sunning themselves, and helping to regulate their body temperature.

Gibbon- characteristically known for their way of communicating through “singing” to each other. Rarely coming to the ground, and instead using their long arms to swing through the trees.

Hooded Capuchin-having the reputation for being the most intelligent,


Velvet Monkey- only species known to swim at the sanctuary


Langurs-slim builds with very long tails and one of the largest primates at Monkeyland.
Monkeyland Monkeyland Monkeyland
All living at peace in the indigenous forest. We left the sanctuary with a more deeper and greater understanding of the primates of the world, and the various many threats that they presently face. We did grasp the understanding of the negative effects of keeping primates as pets and the need to improve their conservation and their benefit.

The most important mission of sanctuaries,  which are beyond caring for the animals were indeed attained. After the walkthrough we learnt a lot, it changed the way we think about animals and treat them.

Not to be outclassed we did visit the Birds of Eden again courtesy of #plettitsafeeling.

I really would do you a disfavour by telling you all about it in one blog post. Just like we did; the taste of the pudding is in the eating. I will share with you my best captures on camera of course which did restore the energy I had expensed whilst Lilo & Kayaking. Birds Of Eden

Now it was time for lunch. Well deserved and wish you could join me.


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