Experiencing the 5”S’s” of Wine tasting on the Rocks

The festive season is always a time for thanksgiving, family reunions and generally celebrating the blessings of being the chosen people of God, being so loved to be blessed with gracious life through the birth and death of Christ. Choosing a place to celebrate is something that’s almost very tricky, and stressful. However, with my daughter around and her artistic appetite for travel like mother like daughter the 2018 End of year celebrations were well planned for the Bushman Rocks.

The Famous Granite Rocks of Zimbabwe 

The journey which was an exciting day trip full of laughter and expectations to learn more about wine farming, processing, and up to tasting. Due to the availability of activities at this location 40km from Harare city Centre combining the best of not only Zimbabwean Experience but African unique experience in one location of wildlife, wine and great hospitality to just name a few where we were indeed spoilt for choice. 

The grapes at the vineyards used for wine production are grown and nurtured on the vines ranging in age from newly planted through to vines that are amongst the oldest ever planted in Zimbabwe estimated at 60years old. 

The Vineyards of Bushman Rocks

The Wine Tasting Experience

It was a great experience partaking in wine tasting which included 

Looking to check out the color, opacity and viscosity(otherwise called wine legs)…….


Tasting using our tongues to observe the wine, 

And finally thinking. 

We indeed experienced the five “S’s” of wine tasting that is See-Swirl-Sniff-Sip-Savor and it was indeed a rewarding and memorable. It was exciting to all the senses and most importantly fun which was the reason we embarked on the journey. 

After the wine tasting we had lunch.

The Game Drive

To cap it all our next activity was that of the game drive as part of the package. On offer at the 7.5square kilometres of Bushman Rocks wildlife has over 18species of game and mammals.  


After the game drive which again was very restorative and exciting.The 2018 end of year journey was indeed in style.


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