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I have been away for some months now since my last post in May. I was overwhelmed with work and even though I was indeed traveling I had absolutely not enough time to sit down and write, neither did I have adequate time to take pictures. Nonetheless, I had not forgotten or given up on my journey. I guess it was just a layby.


As a follow through- a term used to describe part of the golf swing, meaning to continue one’s movement after the ball has been struck- or a task to its conclusion, I am back and this is not the conclusion but the beginning of it.

After having to start the program on how to conquer my fear of re-injuring either my knee or my back, I did enroll in golf clinic lessons. Started slowly from holding the club, the swing itself, learning that the power actually comes from the body and not the arms, the  technic of keeping the eyes on the ball, learning to power the club with one’s body instead of one’s arms and hands, putting the club behind the ball (positioning) with one’s  body in a dead-stop position. It all came to a point of getting what I was looking for, searching for something wholesome, with challenges and has opportunities to network and make new friends with also a potential for a reunion with old friends too. Breaking barriers where I could even meet and play with bosses, and beat them on the course. Fair and square. Outside the boardroom.

Like the saying goes “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”,  and “To escape fear you have to go through not around”. I did manage to conquer my fear of getting injured again whilst benefitting from the experience and exercise of playing golf.

I started playing just 9 holes social games with ladies at Wingate in Harare and realized that I was now ready for both the walk, the competitiveness,  scoring and improving at every next hole. And decided to venture into the depths of unknown territory of a real competitive, tournament and full game of 18 holes. I was happy and confident with the preparation and formulation of the game, which is the whole reason for this follow through blog post. On one of my frequent visits to the Midlands province of Zimbabwe,  there is a golf club and I would go there and play 9holes in preparation for the big day. Of course, I would always support my knee.

The next thing was getting the correct golf equipment and attire for the game allowed on the golf course. I had now thrown caution to the wind about how expensive it is.Golf bag and clubs, gloves, shoes, accessories and the like which I got from the pro shop in Woodmead RSA.

After the confidence gained through training,  golf clinics at Chapman golf club, learning the beginner’s rules of various do’s and don’ts, etiquette, which at first was really daunting and intimidating,  I took the plunge as an aspiring player and joining several experienced players at the Gweru golf club on the 5th of August 2017. Played my first 18holes in a mixed four ball teeing off at 1030hrs at hole number10 and finishing at 1430hrs at hole number 9. I played amongst other seasoned players with handicaps below 25 with myself at a handicap of 36 I came out number 45 out of 60 with 24points.

The best of everything I learned was remembering the good shots and forgetting the bad ones. Not getting discouraged knowing that though it’s tough, it’s so worth the effort.  Like what Arnold Palmer described when he said “It is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated, satisfying the soul and frustrating the intellect.  Very rewarding and maddening- and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented”.

With such a description who am I not to go for it and would humbly request you to join me on this remarkable journey and be restored.


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