The time of the year was unusual, not much in terms of planning or organisation for what ended up being a family reunion. Noone had really thought of how big it was going to be, especially as people were focusing more on the reason the WhatsApp group was created. Thumbs up to Jan Koun the computer programmer and co-founder of  WhatsApp for the application which has made communication effective at low cost, enabling round robin instant messaging and responding, even for some of us who would have spent the whole day glued to our work stations, and the mobile phones on silent.

My siblings can make you feel so much at home just by going through the messages which in some instances can be as many as hundreds. Not to mention the three very vocal, talkative brother- Admire and two sisters Mufaro and Ngoni. Who will always find something to say on any topic. To the quiet very calculating and less vocal sister Eunice and Varaidzo. The balance between these siblings always fascinating when being neutralized by the grounded Efison who is a Bishop of New Creation Church.  Whenever we meet, even on social media I feel grateful for it is almost as good as a physical family reunion and gathering.

Many happy memories are always shared through jokes, laughs, stories in good spirit. The inclusion of mostly the brother-in laws who seem to have been initiated through the contagious, spirited involvement of their wives as they participate in every joke. Call it a reunion or a weekend out with the newly wedded,  however,  big or small the family affair was entertaining, with crowd pleasing jokes, memory making apps, dancing, our little brother’s wedding did exactly what the doctor had ordered.

A wedding that weekend became a super family reunion, for those who couldn’t make it for they are outside the country,  they really missed out on the memories.

It was a time to remember,  to laugh, to celebrate, share new memories, see each other in the faces all around us and finding reflections of ourselves in the hearts of both young and old who attended this grand wedding. We came together to strengthen the bond of family and reminding us of the gift of belonging.

A chance to share our history, a reason to celebrate our past and a time to welcome our future through the newly weds as a family. The wedding was a grand reunion, and scored more than was expected. We came from all over, the far and wide: Harare, Mutare, Bulawayo, Kadoma, South Africa, Iraq.

It was a refreshing and renewing reunion.


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