Character Unveiled at 50

My character was unveiled right before my eyes, after turning 50 on the 8th February and deciding to celebrate ths momentous occasion during the weekend when everybody is available. Little did I know that the party was going to be an unveiling of my past.

From my young brother- Persistance who described me vividly as a fighter – figuratively and literally. The story was so detailed and resonated with my character.

I marvelled at the moment and more so when my sister who comes after me took to the stage and buttressed my fighting spirit. Detailing how she has never needed to worry about anyone who would provoke her and other siblings even in adulthood.

Of course I have always known that I don’t give up easily,  but it had never occurred that I actually have been fighting for my siblings to that extent. It was a defining moment.

When the time came for my father, as old as is, at eighty I couldn’t believe how much we have always shared a bond so strong that only myself and those close to us can testify. The fact that  when I was born he rode his bicyle across the crocodile infested then Nuanetsi river from his workplace in Maranda to the tarred Beit Bridge Road to board a bus confirms the beginning of a journey sealed in love.

He had all the goddies which unfortunately he didn’t know I was not going to partake. All I wanted was my breast milk and traditional foods.

My mother detailed my keen interest in reading which I have maintained till this day. Little did she know that her testimony of my enthusiasm for reading will come to haunt me as a nickname which I never had my whole life. I am now being refferred to as the “Manufacturer”!!!!

The testimonials went on and on and I was shocked how the unveiling of my character could so vivid and played in my presence with such accuracy and the audience agreeing in unison. The good thing was that each one of my friends and family including my princess, daughter who brought me to a flood of tears as she acted my character like I was watching my own movie.

This was really the day that the lord made, and I was glad in it. My best jazz musician friend Dudu Manhenga took to the stage and did a dedication song which turned me into a backing vocalist hahahahaha.

Before I did a solo performance of my best song about having blessed with peace by the almighty and making a special appeal to be granted more as I walk the journey of life.
My sister had earlier on given me advise to ask for wisdom from God for being able to count my days as I walk with Him.

The day was packed with joy and the presence of God, I honestly wouldn’t bother repeating it at 75th. Watch this space for I am looking forward to it now. Based on the wishes I received.

Cheers to a Journey of Restoration.


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