Breakfast Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls

Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls

The five steps to HAPPINESS

The five steps to HAPPINESS by Pastor T D JAKES inspired my life and I couldn’t help but agree with the man of God. Here they are
Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls
1. Own your own happiness- taking it away from other people demanding that they make you happy, taking responsibility for the joy and peace in your heart

2. Challenge your own story- changing the way you write your script, not tormenting yourself about who you are and what you are going to be

3. Enjoy the journey and not the destination- enjoying along all the way, celebrating life all along the way every day not at the finishing line, putting yourself on your calendar

4. Make relationships count- Everything is about relationships, God first for He is in charge, Self and when other people join the party you would be way ahead and have started,  kids, friends for you can not be fruitful by yourself

5. Balance work with play- to those much is given much is required, involving family,  kids and friends.

As I embarked on my journey of life and seeking restoration through travelling I realised exactly what he was referring to.

The Five Steps in Action

Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls

After the trip to Chobe in Botswana, I told myself that I will put it into practice starting by watching the Sun Rise whilst on the boat cruise on the mighty Zambezi river and having Christmas breakfast.

Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls

Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls

Sunrise Cruise Victoria Falls

Oh yeah! What a way of celebrating the birth of Christ and taking up the challenge of my own story. Writing my script in my own way.

I am enjoying the journey and celebrating my life too. Of course, I wasn’t alone but loving friends were there too. Although my kids were not with me as the sunrise hit me that day I indeed was with them in my heart of hearts for I love them with my life.

Again as I felt the cool breeze this time at home in Victoria Falls along the Zambezi river the feeling was phenomenal. Joined by the crocodiles on the banks of the river who also were at peace as if they were tame animals, my soul was at peace with them.

I invite you to join me on this fantastic truth and path to restoration. Join the party!!!!!!

You are valuable to me, I am no more than my relationship with you guys.


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  • Reply Laurina

    What a great blog post! I look forward to reading more about your travels and your path to restoration. You pictures are amazing 😍

    21/01/2017 at 16:08
    • Reply Margaret Maulana

      I am glad you love it. Will share more of my journey and travels. And how it feels.

      26/01/2017 at 07:31
    • Reply admin

      That is sweet Laurina. Trying to meet your expectations. Am 50 remember.

      10/02/2017 at 08:59

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