Breakfast at the Grass Roof and my Durban Pap Experience

My visit to the Eastern Cape brings me so much Joy especially because of the enthusiasm and unrestricted show of appreciation and excitement that comes from my daughter’s boyfriend. He really does go all out guns blazing to show me new places. Enjoy the most fantastic areas of attraction. The limiting factor being of cause the fact that most of the time he will be at work and time is the thief of his hosting capabilities.

Regardless of the fact that the devil had this time around really almost spoiled it all through the missing wallet and me missing my Monday flight, he was not discouraged. At the first available opportunity, he grabbed it and took me for breakfast.

Breakfast is one meal at home back in Zimbabwe that I have always missed since my daughter moved to SA. and my son moving to Canada.  I am not enthusiastic about it anymore, and I can’t be having breakfast alone its boring yet I know how much I need it. Other than the preparation that usually goes into it, the need to get up and prepare which in itself is a lot of work, I always cherish and feel excited about it. Unfortunately, I can only almost say what is left is for me to eat out. Which is what happened on this particular visit Port Elizabeth.

I was on time very early in the morning after I was informed the previous day that we were going out for breakfast. I did, however, forget to check out the weather which almost spoiled everything but not for real. I was taken to this very exclusive eating place which was almost full by the time we got there. It was almost like a blind date. We only managed to secure seats outside the Grass Roof Restaurant tables where the weather was almost a spoiler. There was a heater though but believe you me the chilly cold Eastern Cape weather which is part of what I have come to know as the four seasons in the day put up a fight against all odds. But I concentrated and held on to the effort that I had put in waking up and the excitement from my host that the spoiler( cold) lost the plot.

I enjoyed my usual farmhouse breakfast, which I did justice to. Of course, this was accompanied by the hot steaming decaffeinated coffee which warmed me up physically and my heart too. I have always wondered why breakfast is regarded the best meal of the day, which if at all possible one should never miss. Good beginnings of the day, energising and full of life. That is all it was that even before I knew it and have had to buy a jersey at Bay West because it then had started to rain my day was one of the best experiences for this holiday and I fully enjoyed it.

Back home, my daughter’s friend Nokwanda Ndlovu had another treat- what I am going to call the Durban pap. Which when she started preparing, I was very sceptical, and thought she was bound to spoil my day. Especially because of how she elegantly did it with her dominant left hand.  Not to be outdone and me giving her a chance,  and wanting to discover how she was doing, I kept going to the kitchen pretending to want to keep her company,  but she stood her ground. She really wanted not to be outdone by Wadel. And she prepared the most amazing pap- which we call Sadza in Zimbabwe,  but not in the same way which I ate using a tablespoon- and for those who have never tested it, of course, you are wondering but it was delicious. It filled me up and it was the first time to have it but unfortunately didn’t properly get a chance to get the recipe- copyrights I guess.  I really wouldn’t mind buying the recipe for back home.

Who says that holidays are not amazing,  restoring, and of course opportunities to discover new things, meet with good people, and indulge yourself and forget all the stresses and pressures of life. With food, of course, being part of the deal. Learning new cultures, and going places. I was already looking forward to the next day and what it had in store for me. Join me on my journey and discover the goodness and experience the restoration.


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