Birthday Reality and The meaning of New Year Celebrations

February the anniversary of my birth Happens to be  at the beginning of the year and I always take time for me of intense self-reflection:

Where I am in my life

Where I want to be

What I could do better and improve

New lessons learnt from mistakes made

February is the second and shortest month of the Julian and Gregorian calendar and also most celebrated as the month of love. Particularly because it is the month in which Valentine’s Day on February 14, takes prominence.

As I have gotten older, my birthday reflections don’t depress me, like they used to, but they actually do make me think or rather go deeper within. My appreciation of life and love has become more meaningful.

Birthdays have naturally now become Times for me to make new resolutions.  Everyone has its purpose to celebrate their birthday. For some it’s to spend good time with friends and loved ones. For some it’s religious. For me this year it was a new insight, to celebrate my new year of my life.

To almost do confirm this New feeling, and view of my birthday there are things or events that have been peeping through the horizon. Not quite clear but nonetheless promising not just to me as an individual but all the other resolutions that I had come up with at the inception of the usual New Year that is the beginning of the calendar year.


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