Be Bold For Change

Celebrating women’s day with other women who have inspired me.

Life regularly presents us with difficulties and challenges,  some of which we have carried since childhood. We do not become self-confident by escaping these challenges,  but we develop it through strengthening our response to these circumstances and how we view ourselves in spite of them. Embracing inner values and capacities recognising we will meet these challenges and failure along the way. Ultimately trusting that we have what it takes to be who you want to be.

This cardinal truth is needed by anyone of us, with reminders and support.  We all need people who will help us to deal with the entrenched negative thinking and replace it with the positive truth about our potential for greatness. Brene Brown said and I quote ” You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness”

The women in this article walked inside their stories and refused to stand outside their various stories- in their own way and never needed to hustle for their worthiness.  Their confidence came not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong as said by Peter T McIntyre.

At an event that was put together and planned with women in mind Captain Chipo Matimba detailed with ease and confidence her routine in the job that she has mastered. From training which included taking and passing science subjects to fitness and discipline at the airforce of Zimbabwe. Then preparation for a flight which among other things, Checking the plane, fuel, oil, instruments,  weather as per aviation specifications. On getting on board and Airborne,  she said something so phenomenal and I quote

“Aeroplanes perform better at higher altitude, where the airwaves are calmer” and for Chipo, the sky is not even the limit but her home. Asked about how she balances everything she answered that life is a race and it’s not about how you start but how you finish.

I have on several occasions been flown by Chipo, and I have always felt safe, trusted her and never doubted what I heard her saying on this day. I have been impressed by women who have broken barriers,  and Chipo is among women who are my role models.  I was inspired and am kept looking forward to finishing well.

Coming to personal branding- by Nyengeterayi Mahaka, the emphasis was on having a value system,  a vision of one’s life, being authentic, taking the high road and bold steps to leaving a legacy. I listened and absorbed everything and was glad that I had invited my little sister to hear this from the experts.

The mother’s advice came from Pastor Chichi Bismarck who gave us keys to success

Education-through learning and experience

Management- including at a personal level, financial, and people around you.

Productivity- to acceptable levels in our environment and filling our lives with successful people.

Openness- opening to possibilities through travelling,  and be open to whatever God has provided for us,  unlocking possibilities” in herself she was talking to me, and I felt motivated.

And finally being multifaceted,  multilayered through finding how deep we are,  mining ourselves deeply and extracting the wealth from within.

The day was indeed fruitful and I wish most had attended.  I am grateful to my friend Sarah Muchinenyika who invited meherselfis as bold as the women celebrated this month.


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