Launched in preparation for my 50th birthday for those who have worked hard all their lives fending for their families under difficult times, nature lovers and travelling enthusiasts this site is going to appeal to all your five senses and bring the much-needed restoration and refreshment as you prepare for retirement.

If you are in love with discovering the amazing refreshing knowledge of how nature is balanced this is your site and so grab some sweet wine and feel at home.

You will get to know how best to get back that which you denied yourself during the toiling years as you interact with nature, cost effectively at affordable prices and discover wildlife and safaris. I will share with you the most amazing things I have discovered as I travel across the globe.

After being inspired by being a team doctor for the Zimbabwe National women’s football team and interacting with girls the same age as my daughter who is now an established blogger herself,  I honestly felt young and decided to share my experiences and prove that for sure life begins at 40.

Having been widowed at the age of 31 and in order to support my children left fatherless at the age of 6 and 22months all my prime years all that I have done is work, work and toil. Never had time to myself, nor to be pampered as I used all my resolve to get my children all the basic life necessities.  I feel drained, exhausted and used up. And thus the need for restoration.

Having been an avid watcher of the animal planet channel, discovery channel and wondering how all that happens I decided that I can get back all the time lost, energy spend and do it through travelling and so can you.

Join me on my journey as I walk with wildlife, bird watch, game drives and get the adrenaline rush again conquering my fear of water bodies and heights.

Join me as I embark on this restoration journey through travelling. Experience life and restore the time lost whilst working for family and developing carriers.

Follow me and subscribe to my blog and on social media (Facebook and Instagram).  We are going to break these generational barriers of being born before computers.

You can do it too. Just throw caution to the wind.