Traveling, Healing and Restoration!!!!

    Traveling has been and is always my best time to be myself, to reflect and actually be myself. The fact that it actually has such an enormous impact on me is why I started this blogging journey albeit at such a time like this when I am one of the BBC(Born before computers) brigade. Thanks to my beloved daughter a blogger herself and who introduced me to this space where I can share with my audience.

    Traveling benefits that I have experienced in my lifetime have been among others the following;

    Ensured peace of mind

    Help in getting original and creative thoughts

    Creation of lifetime memories

    Connecting with different people and from different cultures

    Ability to cope with different situations including handling of fears.

    This blog post is going to revisit my passion of traveling and at the same time share with you how this particular journey was indeed healing and restorative in a special way. The journey happened a day after my return from the rescue mission of the victims of the Cyclone IDAI in Manicaland the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.


    I googled the most appropriate definition of healing for my post and found this and I quote” Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced , diseased, damaged or unvitalized organism. The result of healing can be to cure to a health challenge, but one can grow without being cured or heal without a cure.”

    What exactly am I saying? And why did I choose this definition? I will try and demonstrate where am coming from and why this particular definition appealed to my situation.This follows my last blog post in reference to the trauma I went through as a result of my involvement in the rescue mission in the ravages results of Cyclone IDAI in Manicaland province of Zimbabwe.

    I Choose this definition because after my tour of duty during the rescue mission because indeed my health had been unbalanced, damaged emotionally and indeed needing restoration and healing. I also had been battling with with my fear or rather phobia of heights which again I had to manage as I travelled during the rescue mission on helicopters. My challenge of this fear was indeed also healed.

    The above was the cable car that I rode up to the top of the table mountain, at first failing to even look down the slope of the mountain. I however, realized that my fear had been overcame when I saw and carried the injured, the traumatized in Manicaland. I realized my phobia was just minor.

    Coming down the mountain on the cable car, I even managed to take pictures, of the beautiful city of Cape Town, and at last actually felt restored and healed. In as much as the trauma of the effects of the cyclone were with me, I actually felt healed without having received any cure.

    Travelling by road after the experience of the ride up to the top of the mountain, our tour guides allowed us to travel in the old surbub of Cape Town where the colorful structures, and buildings of various service outlets completed my restoration.

    The tour of the city of Capetown capped my journey, giving me a sense of a restive spirit and a feeling of gratitude. The breeze coming from the ocean was very calming and made the journey back home in Zimbabwe a true restoration.