Time for Reflection

    As the year 2018 was taxing and in preparation for taking off like most people I decided to engage and share. You have been part of the reason why I started this blog. It really has been a true restorative journey as I value companionships, relationships and friendships.

    You all might be wondering how I decided to give this post this title. As most of my friends and followers on this journey who have been my reason for expressing myself this way, you probably are aware that since the 23rd January, a day which had never before meant anything our beautiful country Zimbabwe was plunged into mourning when we lost our own “ICON, LEGEND “ Dr Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

    Since then I was glued to various channels on DSTV and listened to a lot of people and one thing that stood out to me is how our lives and lives of those who have departed have had an impact to so many in different ways nonetheless igniting emotions and memories that are not the same. One of the presenters kept asking about that impact to the many mourners and he would ask one specific question about a special song that each person would always remember about the late icon.

    Best of the Best

    Sadly for me during the five days until the burial, and this time am writing this post I only realized that maybe, and just maybe I am the only one who will always remember him for his song “Seiko Mwari”. This song has always got me thinking about how omnipotent God is, and how death always makes us think more about the living, life and wonder if we will ever be able to understand its sting.

    Before I go deep into the song itself and try and share why it stands out as one of my best, I just want to share what is literary being said by the late icon Tuku. He was asking God if He could tell him about his standing, and thus literary “Talking to God”.

    Talking to God involves a very personal, spiritual, often private conversation and relationship. However, he decided to make it public through composing a song. That to me was deep and still is. I have always tried to figure out how that seemingly complicated expression could be done by anyone, and here Tuku was making it even public.

    Choosing to connect and talk to God whilst we listened. And for me almost doing it in song on my behalf. Just like having to watch natural things and what God created so should we be able to connect and no matter how difficult it is we can rest assured it’s doable.

    I honestly do not know where I stand and I wish I knew. Any human being including those mentioned in the song was immune to the pain of suffering and of death. Neither am I for real.

    In order to be able to talk to God or anyone for that matter, the first thing is to determine how you see God and determine who He is to you in order to confidently talk to Him. Secondly, it’s easier to talk to someone when you have established a relationship with that person, so the same applies to God. Talking to Him helps bond your relationship with Him. Thirdly, talk to Him as you would a close loving but all-knowing and powerful friend. This is where you open up, become vulnerable and honest because there is trust. Lastly, talk with God as if a physical person were right in front of you or physically in your presence.

    The last one is one that has carried me through most of the time with great confidence that He has heard me. And one that made the song “Seiko Mwari “ impacted on my life. Just one question “Kuti Mwari mundiudze pandimire chaipo” so as not to guess and risk being wrong.

    The song makes reference to God as all-knowing, and powerful. That when in doubt, confused, wandering about a lot of things we can confidently talk to Him, or rather ask Him to elaborate and answer us in response. I have come to the realization through this song that I am and will never be the only one needing that special moment with God, talking to Him at a personal level.

    This thought and reflection humbled me as I meditated on the song and life in general. I hope it would do the same. Till we connect again.